At Forest Haven Nursing Home our entire staff is dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care that meet the needs of our residents and families. We are equipped to care for the needs of 167 residents and offer a wide range of services including in-house physical, occupational and speech therapies, hospice, social services, dietician services, activities and more. Our skilled staff is specially trained to work with residents with special needs and diagnoses including, Huntington’s Disease, stroke, neuro-muscular disorders, degenerative diseases of the muscles and joints, a variety of psychiatric disorders and different types of dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Short-term rehabilitation residents are provided specialized services and amenities to minimize their length of stay and return them to their highest achievable rehabilitation potential for a rapid return to self-sufficiency. Our goal is to assist you to reach "your goal" be it to return home/or with your loved ones, or to a lower care facility such as an assisted living, group home, or remain with us.

The special care that our residents receive is provided in a secure environment that preserves dignity and ensures the well being of every resident.

Quality of Life

Quality of Care

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